After years in front of the camera modeling, Tracy turned her interests to the other side of the camera and entered the world of photography. Within a short period of time, she became a well-known beauty photographer shooting campaigns for Max Factor, Ulta, Laroc, to name a few.

It was her gift of retouching that defined her style and made her well known throughout the industry. She began to work with well-known photographers such as Francois Nars, David LaChapelle, Herb Ritz, and Cliff Watts. Within 2 years, she was asked to collaborate with Francois Nars and ultimately retouch his 254 page tabletop book called X-RAY. With the success of X-RAY, she came together once again with Francois on Make Up Your Mind BeautyBook for Nars Cosmetics.

Tracy , Known for being a retoucher with the eye of a photographer, has over 20 years of experience within the industry. She has impeccable attention to intricate detail for lighting, specifically skin texture, and through her years of working with David LaChapelle she has advanced experience in compositing work. She has the ability to work with the talented artwork of photographers, such as Cliff Watts and Herb Ritts, keeping their signature natural look.

Within the past few years, Tracy has also begun doing architectural and product retouching, including campaigns for LG, Samsung, Lexis, and Matusalem Rum.